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Tagged I be ... [Feb. 12th, 2008|08:06 am]
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um ... tagged be I, twice also -  first by tizi17 and then by my evil twin noreins .  I've never posted anything on my journal either, so yeah, it's kind of scary.  I mean, do the 7 things have to be interesting?  Cause that's just way too much pressure!  Some of this won't surprise my good friends here on LJ, we've already shared waaaaay too much information.  Right, Shadies?? :)   Okay, here we go then ... 

7 Things About Me

1. My nickname in school was Beans.  Okay, it was actually Beans and Wieners.  Yes, I honestly answered to Beans and Wieners - what a dork!  Got the name partly because that was my favourite food as a kid, and partly - I was told - because my freckles looked like beans and my long, stringy red hair looked like wieners.  My current nicknames in RL are Dear and Queen of the Vault.  I like those better.

2. Okay, my number two is the same for me as it was for my Evil Twin.  Hey, I have an Evil Twin!  That's something not everyone knows about me!   Noreins and I have an uncanny similarity in the way we think - mostly in the evil-can't-be-shared-outside-cyber-space kinda way. :)  Anyway, just like my ET, I have real life friends who are clueless about my reading habits the past couple of years.  Most of my friends wouldn't have a clue what slash is or think for a second that I would be addicted to it.   Since they all think I'm a total prude, they wouldn't believe you if you told them. ha!

3. I had a nose job when I was 21.  My nose had been broken at birth by the overly enthusiastic use of forceps, and I'd never been able to breath through it properly.  When my doctor said I should have the deviated septum repaired, she also recommended that I have my nose straightened at the same time. Minimum cost out of my pocket as the surgery was doctor referred and covered by insurance.  Cool!   Pre-op they go into all the possible complications, rare but not unheard of, blah blah - I didn't pay attention.  Until I woke up on the recovery table with a huge freakin'  bandage on my hip.  Turns out, they had to scrape so much bone away I ended up needing a bone graft added for reinforcement. So - I had a nose job and then couldn't walk for three weeks.  Everybody sing ... The hip bone's connected to the, nose bone ...

4. I'm getting a tattoo!  My first one, after years of thinking about it.   I've planned a BBM and Heath inspired tattoo, have it all worked out in my head, the symbolism, how it will continue to mean something to me always. I'm excited about it, but the only people who will really understand it complete are my fellow Brokies.   It will incorporate the words "Let Be" and the symbols of a dragonfly and river.  Long story short ..  one of the things the Dragonfly will represent is striving for change and the awards that come with change and growth, while Let Be reminds me to accept the way things ARE, and somewhere in the balance of the two, the striving and the accepting,  there is peace.  The Dragonfly will have hidden in the design the initals HL and EdM.  To honor both the man and the character, in remembrance of the  ways they could and couldn't change and for the peace we wish for them both.  Just have to find the right artist to bring it to life, and figure out where on my body to place it.

5. The biggest influence on my young life was my Grandmother - Nanny Bannister.  She read to me.  Constantly, so I credit her with my love of reading.  My fondest memory of  early childhood is being in my grandparents bedroom after supper every night.  My grandfather was bed ridden and blind.   I'd lie on the cot they had brought in for my grandmother to sleep in. She'd pull up a chair between the two beds and read to us both from my Bobby Twins and Nancy Drew books.  Over 30 years since she passed away, and I still miss her.

6.   I once won tickets to the Toronto premier of Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan through a radio station by knowing the full name of the title character from the ST episodes "Mudd's Angels" and "I, Mudd".   HARCOURT ... FENTON .... MUDD.  Yup, I'm a Trekker from way back.  Favourite character - Dr. McCoy!  Loved those blue eyes!  In fact ... Jake would make an excellent Dr. McCoy in the new ST films, wouldn't he??  yummmmmmy ....

7. I'm a big Bruce Springsteen fan and once camped outside the Exhibition stadium for 36 hours to buy tickets to one of his shows.  I didn't get the tickets I wanted, so without telling a soul, a day later I ended up taking a bus 90 minutes out of the city into the middle of nowhere, to meet up with a complete stranger at a divey country gas station to buy a single ticket for 4 times the regular ticket price.  Geez, how stupid was that??  I get to see Bruce again on March 3rd in Hamilton, Ontario. Yea!

There, more than anyone every wanted to know about me, huh? Passing the torch!!

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